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SA | Mordecai | Vagabond | Vindicator by BazookaNeon SA | Mordecai | Vagabond | Vindicator by BazookaNeon

I am flesh and I am bone,

rise up, ting ting, like glitter and gold.

I've got fire in my soul,

rise up, ting ting, like glitter.

SA | Mordecai | Alter by BazookaNeon 



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Name: Mordecai
Nicknames: Mordie, Mord
Age: 35
Birthdate: Summer, 1665
Zodiac: The Dragon, Sign of Ambition

Gender: Cis Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Breed: Phoenix Pegasus - Akhal Teke
Coat Color: Dunalino - Somatic Smokey Black
Height: 15.3 hh

Voice Actor: Laurence Fishburne (Thrax, Osmosis Jones)

Blessing 1: Force Fields (Born Blessed)
Blessing 2: Fire Manipulation [LOCKED]

Herd Affiliation: N/A (Vagabond)
Patron God: Ignacio
Rank: Vindicator
Talent(s): Weapons Master
Drive: Revenge

Parents: TBA
Siblings: TBA
Offspring: One Unnamed Child
Other Relatives: Slip (Cousin-in-law) 

Lover(s): Robin
Attachment(s): Falker - "Adopted Son" (NPC)

Inventory: Cloak, Lantern, Golden Dagger [LOCKED]



Fittingly, Mordecai is best known for his manic love of fire. He has a fascination with it; the way that heat radiates onto his skin, how it grows larger on combustable
objects, and most importantly, how things burn under it. Fire, to him, radiates with power, something he is very attracted to. It is the only thing that Mordecai is thankful of
his masters for, for they were the ones who introduced him to its raw power by having him learn fire-eating. It ultimately became their demise, as he eventually used his knowledge
to burn down his masters' home with them inside while they were incapacitated.

Masochistic (With fire specifically,)

Specifically in line with Mordecai's pyromania, Mordecai doesn't just tolerate, but actually takes some pleasure in the burns he receives from flames, provided they
won't kill him. Learning to eat fire resulted in several burns on his mouth in his younger years, but as his adolescent self began to grow twisted through the years, he began to
accept, tolerate, and even admire the pain that the flames caused him. He feels they are an attest to his strength, and his role as a servant of Ignacio's. He will willingly walk
on hot charcoals, or swallow flames, whether for entertainment or for self endurance. Like a dragon, however, Mordecai does not like sharp weapons. He may come to wield one
himself one day, but he'd much rather be burned by flames than cut open with a sword.

Vengeful | Grudging

Mordecai's actions weigh heavily on his desire to get back at Aodh for everything its people had done to him. Though having been free for twelve years now, this stallion
has difficulty moving on from his harsh past. His motives are to take out all his rage on Aodh and its people and cause trouble and chaos for the herd. Aodh isn't the only thing he
has a grudge toward though--and it would be unwise to get on this guy's bad side. Once you're on his hit list, you're likely never getting off there.


He's obsessive as much as he is vengeful. The very reason he has chosen to align himself with the Vindicators is because of the attention they pay toward Aodh and the
number of allies he would gain by being part of it. There is strength in numbers. But Mordecai is not driven by the will to help the weak and broken, rather, he is driven by his
insane obsessions to cause the horses of Aodh as much pain as possible in retribution for their sins, and for everything they had done to him in his youth.


For a vindicator, Mordecai is somewhat twisted and takes his actions to the extreme. While he abides to most of the vindicator laws in the most basic ways; protect the
weak, distribute wealth, and safeguard one another, he takes the final law to radical levels. Mordecai enjoys seeing his enemies and opponents in pain, but nothing pleases him
more than seeing Aodhian prey suffer before his flames. He wants them to feel shame, fear, and helplessness just as he did in his younger years.


When going about his handiwork, Mordecai likes to leave a mess. He will use his strength and power with little control to cause as much pain to his victims as possible.
Quite ironic, seeing that he is normally calm and cool in the presence of others. No doubt, Mordecai makes his love of bloodshed clear when he attacks his prey.


Despite his disgust for Aodh, some of its ways have bled into this ex-slave. He enjoys flirting and more romantic and sexual affairs, and frequently teases both mares and
stallions in that way. He does this mostly for sexual pursuit, but that indulgence proves to be a weakness. One can potentially trick him into doing as they wish if it means getting
the chance to enjoy a more pleasurable pursuits--and have him fall right into their hoof.


Despite his violent nature, Mordecai normally gives off a cool, calm, smooth attitude in the faces of others, even his own prey. His more violent side strikes suddenly and
swiftly--like a cobra, and therefore his calm attitude might come off as eerie and foreboding. It's hard to get this guy to show rage other than through violence unless he really
wants to, and typically he only yells to show off his power.


In the face of a harmless horse or a potential ally, Mordecai speaks words of wisdom through tales, lyrics, and rhymes, warning other horses of the danger and the insatiable
greed he believes Aodh carries. He also states that, "as a born Aodhian [himself,] [he] is born with an insatiable greed, but it is for their overdue retribution than slaves or shards." He
accepts that he is a dark, flawed horse, and believes that he was meant to be so.

Affectionate | Saccharine

There are only a select few which Mordecai shows affection to, although this affection is mostly faked (Unless you happen to catch his eye.) In the case of Falker, he has taken
the child under his wing specifically for the fact that he is blessed with Pain Infliction and therefore be useful to him. To keep Falker under his control and his wing, Mordecai acts as a
father figure to the colt, which works incredibly well due to Falker's own past.


Like with Falker, Mordecai will twist words and spin lies in order to manipulate others into his control or keep them at bay. He is an incredibly witty horse.

Arrogant | Proud | Brash

As one might expect, Mordecai has an incredible ego. First off, he sees himself as a pure, intentional creation of Ignacio's, meant to act as retribution on Aodh for
its wrongdoings. Being blessed by the god from birth reinforces this.His successes at his work--from the death of his masters to the manipulation of his "adopted son" Falker add to
his arrogance. Finally, his own wings, the wings of the Eithne Phoenix, build this. He is the horse incarnation of fire (or so he claims.)


Mordecai can be excessively showy. He often keeps a graceful, proud gait, and he enjoys standing in open forest clearings where Ignacio's sun will strike his wings. In the case
of his tail feathers, Mordecai will keep them tied in a loose bun to avoid dragging them through the brush, but when in flight, he lets them loose. Mordecai will often try to appear like
a Phoenix in flight, as a tactic to go stealthily in and eventually as a scare tactic.

Bold | Daredevil

Mordecai's fellow Vindicators can depend upon him to take the bigger risks during a raid. Mordecai is a daredevil, who would rather go for the throat as quickly as possible rather than
sit back and wait. Mordecai goes in for the action and the bloodlust, making him a better choice to use as back up and as someone to fight off Chevaliers and guards when he and
Vindicator companions are trying to flee slaves.


There is one other thing that Mordecai owes to his deceased masters, and that is his grace. From an early age, he was taught how to appear presentable, how to dance, and how to
march. In the forest brush, Mordecai moves with quite the agility, snaking through shrubbery as though it were nothing. Even the way that he moves his wings; slow, swooping motions that
dip carefully toward the forest floor, can be considered graceful. Mordecai carries his narrow form with great elegance.


Birth - Foalhood

The son of two Aodhian slaves, Mordecai had his path already carved out for him in Aodh's brutal caste system. His parents were both servile
slaves, who shared the same house and fell in love. Unfortunately, their partnership was brief, for no sooner had the mare become pregnant was she
sold by their master and purchased by another noble lord, due to the costs the former would have to sacrifice to feed another slave mouth.

The stallion was, surprisingly, kind to his new servile. He gave the mother-to-be gentle tasks, and allowed her to visit shrines that she prayed to
fervently in her master's company. Mordecai's mother was a devout worshipper of both Ignacio and Kaia, and so she often asked for good health
on her unborn child.

At last, a colt was born under Ignacio's sun, with wings of fire and a tail of phoenix feathers. His mother beamed with pride, knowing very well
that Ignacio had crafted the offspring in the image of the Eithne Phoenix. Little did she know, however, that Ignacio had done much more. Mordecai's
memories of his mother are all but a blur to him; he remembered being by her side, in the scarce years he had innocence and childish wonder about
him--those sweet, saccharine days--and the words she often shared with him. It was from his mother that Mordecai learned of the gods Kaia and
Ignacio, and the latter grabbed his greatest attention.

"You're a blessing, my son. Though you are not in Ignacio's image, you are of flames. You are the phoenix, and I know you will rise from the ashes of
this place." She'd say. "Ignacio must have something big planned for you."

And he believed her. To this very day, he still does.

Unfortunately, those sweet days would come to an end. Through Mordecai's brilliant wings and tail, and his graceful, but leggy figure, his master saw
a fine opportunity to make money by selling him to the slave market for a good price, and his greed got the best of him. At only four years of age, Mordecai
was sold to the slave market. His days there were not all bad; they gave him attention, and kept him well fed in order to strengthen the aesthetic of his
wings. It wasn't even a month before the colt was sold; to a rich couple who was enjoying the splendors of new money.

They were nothing like his original master though. His original master was kind and patient; they were demanding, strict, and harsh. They paraded him
around the yard in parties and festivals, presenting him as a pretty thing because of his wings. His first two years under them weren't all bad, but the
true nature of their demeanor showed when Mordecai discovered his special gift.

Ignacio had blessed him with the power of force fields. This, his masters were not pleased with. Force Fields could be used as a protective measure, and
so as soon as they discovered Mordecai's blessing, they forced a grungy bridle on him to cut off his telekinesis and beat him into submission, scolding him
for using it. It would be the first of many beatings, and the first of many scars, that would slowly twist the colt's innocent heart into something rotten
and thorny. Only in secrecy could he practice his newfound blessing.

As the child grew older, his masters decided that they wanted him to be more than just a pretty thing for others to look at. With his rich, fiery plumage
adding to his figure, the couple, now with child, decided to have Mordecai learn dances and perform. Unfortunately, the way they went about it wasn't with
patience; he was treated like a lion at the circus, whipped until he finally jumped through flaming hoops or leapt about on his hind legs. The tricks he was
forced to do were meant to entertain his masters and his masters' guests, but he performed them all begrudgingly.

Slowly, the colt's heart became cold, dark, and knotted. As the years passed, it would become sick with anger and bitterness toward his masters, and the
horses of Aodh themselves; the horses who laughed at him, scolded him, belittled him, and made him feel shame and helplessness. To them, he was nothing
but a pretty statue, a circus animal. This, he would not allow. Surely, surely, he had to be of greater purpose. Surely, Ignacio was watching over him, to have
blessed him with phoenix wings and force fields?

Adolescence - Teenage Years

Fate would begin to unravel when he was introduced to something that would change his life forever. Fire-eating. With Mordecai's plumage fully grown and
his wings almost full, his master's saw it fitting for the "phoenix of the house" to learn fire-eating to further entertain his guests. At first, Mordecai didn't want
to risk doing such a thing. He liked fire, but he knew to fear it as well. He'd be forced into learning by his masters, and unfortunately, the talent was not discovered
without multiple burn accidents. To this day, Mordecai's mouth still remains littered with scars from those fire-eating accidents.

But, as he grew better, he discovered a hidden love for the flame. Not just love, fascination. Intrigue. A mania. Through the pain, he discovered the power of fire. And
power, he discovered, was something he liked very much. To be unafraid of the flames as he swallowed them, or sent them flying into the air, he felt, made him powerful.
Mordecai began to see the path that he believes Ignacio had paved for him.

Young Adulthood - Freedom

That power grew. At the ripe age of eighteen, his masters decided that they wanted their "Little Phoenix" to make a name for them in the Crucible. Much to his dismay,
Mordecai's wings were clipped, and he began to train as a pit fighter. Within the first year, the harsher treatments returned, especially in the rare instance that Mordecai
was caught practicing his blessing. There was one thing they did not punish him for, however, and that was the continued practice of fire-eating. Mordecai had continued
to improve the skill on his own, and it was among the only things he did that genuinely pleased his masters. Unfortunately, it would one day be their end.

In the ring, Mordecai slowly became a powerful and tactical pit fighter. He was decorated with gold circlets, a collar, and a gilded bridle. He liked the way that the crowd cheered
his name, and he was finally beginning to appreciate the attention he was getting. But that wasn't what he loved the most. The violence, the bloodshed, the battle, he realized,
was what he loved the most. He loved the thrill of action, he loved the feeling of unleashing his unkempt anger on his opponents and letting them feel pain. He loved the way
that the blood splattered on his hooves. He loved the way his foes suffered. He discovered bloodlust.

But, it was not enough. His once beautiful form became riddled with scars over the years. His wings were weak, for they could not feel the wind gather beneath their plumage.
His form was bony, for his masters only fed him enough to give him energy during the battle. By then, they had had many children, and too many mouths to feed to care for their
decorated pit slave.

Mordecai was often left to tend to himself in his room--his prison, on those cold nights.

Finally, however, fate shined its golden opportunity upon him when he reached twenty-three years old. One summer evening, Vindicators began to raid the city, purely with the
intention of freeing slaves. In an attempt to keep Mordecai under their possession, his masters ran for his room, with a grungy bridle in telekinetic embrace and chains to keep him
tied down. Mordecai had other plans.

Finally, after nineteen years of pain and suffering, he finally had his chance to feel freedom. He finally had the chance to be something more than a pretty statue or his
masters' moneymaker. He finally had the chance to get back at the Aodhians for everything they did to them.

As the couple ran into his room, Mordecai unleashed his rage. All that he suppressed over the years came out in one sweeping blow. The horse put up a force field to blow his masters
back, and swiftly incapacitated them. His masters' children were spared; as he left to grab matches and set the glorious villa on fire, they were forced to flee into the streets. But their
parents, unable to flee, were left to burn.

Mordecai was free now. And for his crimes, he could never return. He fled with the Vindicators, and relished in his new freedom. From then on, Mordecai decided to become a vindicator
himself, but for reasons other than to free poor, weak slaves from the suffering he faced. No, Mordecai wanted to feed his insatiable hunger for bloodshed, and more importantly, he wanted
revenge. His work with the Aodhians was not done. The stallion pledged loyalty to Ignacio and Ignacio alone, and to this day he heavily believes that he was created by the god to serve as
retribution for all of Aodh's wrongdoings. The stallion sees himself a servant of the god of flame, and wants things to burn in his name.

Adulthood - Present Day

Twelve years passed. Mordecai's plumage grew fuller and healthier, and he gained a much healthier weight. His wings became strong, and his force fields grew larger and stood longer.
As a Vindicator, the stallion became a useful fighter against the Aodhians during raids, often assisting by providing a distraction and fighting off chevaliers while his comrades free fellow slaves.
By his luck, he has yet to be captured--and he intends to use his force fields as a means to keep things from changing.

However, in order to sate his hunger for bloodlust, the stallion often did raids by himself, plucking wealthy Aodhian horses from the road that were either travelling alone or had strayed too far
from the rest of their group. If they were wealthy, he would leave them with scars and distribute the wealth robbed from them. If they were slavers, then they would never again see the
light of day. These crueler actions, he has been doing in secret, hiding himself in a cloak and even performing actions behind his fellow Vindicator's backs.

Through the years, Mordecai participated in several, small raids, one of which eventually included the rescue of a servile slave named Falker. The draft horse colt was meek and skinny, clearly
underfed by his masters, and the vindicators took pity on him. Mordecai had no intention of taking in the child; children weren't his forte, and he was going to leave Falker to be taken care of
by other vindicators in the group. That all changed when he discovered that the weak little colt had a special gift, just like him.

Falker had been blessed with Pain Infliction. Upon this discovery, Mordecai saw a powerful opportunity to do further damage on the horses of Aodh. Luckily for him, Falker had just the right ingredients
to be roped in to Mordecai's control. The colt had little confidence, and no family of his own. Thus, when Mordecai offered to take care of him and raise him as his son, Falker immediately agreed, and
has clung to the stallion ever since. Mordecai has since been manipulating the child to use his blessing on Mordecai's victims, and assist in kidnappings.

Six months later, and word got out that Aodh had put a new law into place in response to slaves having escaped and killed Chevaliers. As of now, all Aodhian slaves, no matter what type, were to be
branded with the Aodhian insignia. The news was met from outrage from the ex-slave, and very quickly, he devised a plan to get back at the herd and its council for its ways.

In the dead of night, he managed to steal a branding iron from a slave caravan. Now any Aodhian who escapes him won't escape without a special scar on their shoulder.


:bulletblack: Mordecai's current branding iron is NOT the same as the default slave brand, though he hopes
to one day acquire a branding iron with the Aodhian insignia to further add to the confusion.

:bulletblack: When attacking and branding his victims, Mordecai dons a cloak to keep his figure hidden. He has Falker
wear a cloak whenever he assists him, to keep him safe.

:bulletblack: Mordecai's left eye has a scar. He cannot see in his left eye as well as his right.

:bulletblack: Mordecai has two kinds of scars around his mouth; both sides are littered with burn marks from fire-eating
accidents, and the right side of his mouth has scarring from the bit of his grungy bridle in his younger years.

:bulletblack: Mordecai keeps his tail feathers in a loose bun on land, to keep them from dragging in the terrain.
When in flight, he lets them loose.

:bulletblack: Mordecai is bisexual, with a preference leaning more toward males.

 Glitter & Gold, Fire - Barns Courtney

Pinterest Board

RP Status: Open for Interaction!
Types - Platonic - Angst - Action - Adventure - Romance
Methods (From most to least) - Google Doc - Forum (Will open up once he's in the group) - Notes - Skype (only used on occasion for organization purposes)
Ratings - G | PG | PG-13


Mordecai is MANIPULATIVE in personality. Unless your character has a talent that lets them easily
see through his lies, it's most likely they will NOT be able to figure him out. Since I suck at coming up with
that shit myself though, I'd love to discuss ways for him to trick your character (if you'd like,) in skype or
other places.

Mordecai does not attack ex-Aodhians. He will not attack your character unless he has a pretty good guess
that they're Aodhian, from things they say, do, or how they dress (Gilded bridles will be a dead giveaway.)
If they are former Aodhians but no longer Aodhians for their specific reasons, then he will likely spare you
any trouble. He WILL NOT ATTACK Vindicators of any kind unless they try to harm him,

Mordecai's Branding Iron by BazookaNeon
Mordecai's Branding Iron shape

I will not have Mordecai brand other characters unless I have the owner's permission! The situation where
branding could occur will not unless you specifically want your character to be branded by him. They MUST
be Aodhian!

Mordecai will also not brand slaves. With the new slave brand law in action, it actually saves a slave from the
trouble of dealing with Mordecai's bad side!

Mordecai belongs to yours truly, :iconbazookaneon:
Application Art (unincluding headshot,) by intotherealwild 
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