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But I Don't Wanna Be Preened! by BazookaNeon
But I Don't Wanna Be Preened!
Shuddup and let me preen you <w<

Rune and his raven Corey, who sort of acts as a parental figure Shhh he's an angel in disguise
Chibi Rune by BazookaNeon
Chibi Rune
Another recent thing of my original character Rune, who I roleplay frequently on Last Moon. Also on my signature on the forum!

Anyways, college is approaching soon, so there's a good chance I won't be on as much. I'm heading into animation, so I will be doing a lot of artwork for school!
Rune by BazookaNeon
Here's to a character I created for Last Moon, a server that is branched off of the original Impressive Title and borrowed a few qualities from FeralHeart. I've been roleplaying there with all my IT and FH buddies and during my experience, this kid was created.

Rune is a nine year-old boy with a skilled hand at swordsmanship and a raven partner named Corey. He wanders around protecting himself from demons and monsters who might want to get him; why? Because he happens to be the son of a demon called Chernobog. Rune actually suffers from a curse cast on him by his father as an infant. This curse is slowly turning him into a monster as he ages, and his father plans to use him as his right hand man.

Of course, with love and devotion from other characters, the transformation process has been slowed, and it can be reversed. Whether anyone will be able to do that before Chernobog manages to capture Rune, no one knows.

Rune's design was inspired by designs from Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. However, my most favorite physical trait I like to write about him is his wings; he can't fly very well, but he can glide, and his wings are a key in helping him get around. I can't help it, I love this kid.

Done completely in SAI Tool!
Rune belongs to yours truly, :iconbazookaneon:
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Well, in light of :iconpkmn-crossing:'s official shut down/hiatus (If they ever decide to reboot the group,) I have stored away some of the files for the group that would no longer be of use. I have, however, kept Celeste's and Oliver's applications for future use, in case any of my old friends would still like to roleplay in notes and all.

It's sad to see the group go, but it has lasted for quite a while now. Even though I only got to experience it for a short time, and my work in school and things on tumblr constantly distracted me from the group, I'm still happy to have gotten the chance to experience it.

Celeste is still around--I don't plan on getting rid of her. Maybe this summer I will find a new group, but I might not look for one considering that I will be starting college next year--and I'm going into Animation for my major.


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Love and Bazookas!

Gallery Rules

I appreciate comments a lot!
If you find something that I could improve on, please let me know in a friendly matter. Critiquing is appreciated!

Love and Bazookas!
For ever since I was little, I've been drawing.
Of course, it took me a while to realize my potential in art.

I went to a school were art classes were only just once every few weeks, and always instructed, not exactly created. Yet, I was able to discover my drawing potential in such an enviroment by frequent visits after school and drawing a lot at home.

It started out with horses, because I loved horses. Then it opened up to new things. I drew equines less and less and moved on to something that influences a lot of my art today; anime, manga, and animation.

I have a vivid imagination, so I love to create entirely new creatures and characters. I also like to write too, so you might spy a few writings in my Gallery. And I love to Roleplay!

I will Draw Fanart of
The Legend of Zelda
Professor Layton
Shadow of the Colossus
And other things!

So take a look around, and enjoy!

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